Creative Summer Camps Offer a Variety of Innovative Courses at IDTech

Creative Summer Camps Offer a Variety of Innovative Courses at IDTech

If you’re looking for a summer job for an information technology (IT) degree, then the IED Tech Camps might just be the perfect choice for you. Known worldwide as an internationally recognized ICT (Information Technology) leader, IED Tech Camps offer experiential instruction in computer sciences, technical, engineering, and related fields. This camp experience is offered by numerous colleges, vocational schools, and technical colleges throughout the United States, as well as Canada. These camps emphasize on information technology skills and provide students with a fun and exciting environment to enhance their knowledge of the technology field.

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Creative Summer Camps

There are four main aspects of the IED Tech Camps program. The first is hands-on training using proprietary game engine software; the second is learning how to utilize gaming hardware; third is information technology fundamentals and application creation; and fourth is computer networking fundamentals and troubleshooting. As part of the summer camp experience, students will also learn how to troubleshoot network problems using the Microsoft Windows Exchange server and other popular applications. These courses are designed to help participants build a solid foundation in IED (Information Technology Education) skills and to help them develop the entrepreneurial spirit necessary for becoming a top information technology company employee.

Students who successfully complete the coursework at IED Tech’s summer camp will be awarded a laptop upon arrival and will have the opportunity to use a proprietary game engine for personal computing purposes throughout the year at their fingertips. During this summer they will also learn how to use the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Students will gain valuable IT skills that they can then apply to a corporate environment or school to further their career goals. Furthermore, those who successfully complete their coursework at IED Tech’s summer camp will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on demo of a new game concept created by one of the company’s in-house gaming developers. During the demo, IED Tech employees will be able to use the new game creation tool to create their own game concepts and then present their ideas to a panel of executives from IED Tech and other corporate clients.

A large number of summer camps at IED Technology allow students to go on courses that directly parallel their high school and college degree programs. However, in order to participate in the summer camps, students must already have taken classes such as art, business, graphic design, computer science, English, math, physics, and technology. If a student is interested in going on a game development course at a summer camp, the first requirement is that he or she must successfully complete a grade point average of at least 3.4 on a regular basis. For students that need an extra boost, the school office may allow the student to take an Introduction to Programming course that will teach him or her more about programming language and fundamentals. Some summer camps at IDTech also require students to complete a special project or write a paper on a particular software program created in the course.

Several summer camps at IDTech offer a complete curriculum packed with gaming innovations. In these classes, students will learn about basic game design, graphic design, animation, audio engineering, and software programming. The IdTech creative director or lead programmer will be happy to show students how to use hand-crafted levels, maps, and environments to create the illusion of reality through novel gaming concepts. Other topics included in these courses include communication design, virtual marketing, and online community building. These innovative courses at IDTech may feature topics such as:

Throughout summer camps, students will be given the opportunity to attend lectures given by game designers who will discuss topics such as artificial intelligence, video games, and the future of gaming. During these lectures, the students will be encouraged to develop their artistic and communication skills while gaining valuable information regarding game design and development. In addition to learning how to create their own original video games, students will also be exposed to the latest ID Tech products, such as the Fatigue, Kinect, and Turbo mechanic. These revolutionary products are designed to give the most current video games an edge over other titles in the market today.

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